November 14th, 2018

Week 11 Stats are in. Great 1st half.

Week 10 stats are in.

Week 10 standing are in. stats tomorrow.

Week 9 stats are in.

A reminder that a new schedule was posted a few weeks ago! Please make sure you have the new schedule and check it carefully, if your game is highlighted in green you have been moved to Boston pizza, yellow you have been moved to the legion. This is due to only 4 boards being put up at frostys.

Also DEC 17TH, all teams playing upstairs must play in the small room. I was just informed the Ladies Aux have the large room booked for a party. We dont have anywhere else to schedule these matches, it will be crowded and I apologize but there is nothing else we can do. I will post this again the week before.

October 29th, 2018

All week 8 stats are in. Still waiting on 1 team B stats will change again once team sends sheet to me.

All teams playing at Frostys tonight will now be playing at the Legion.

October 21st, 2018

Week 5 Stats all in. I pick up all darts sheets yesterday at legion. I will look through them this week and make any changes if need be. tks

A reminder to captains that ALL fees are due tomorrow night. I will be downstairs at the Legion early. Thank you.

October 18th, 2018

Good Day everyone due to frosty john’s only putting up 4 boards not 6. I had to make changes to the Schedule. Even though you move to a different place I did not change who was to be the home team that night. Tks

Due to some unavoidable scheduling conflicts the Christmas tourney will be a New Years tourney this year. I have been working with the legion since August to try and make a date work in nov/dec and it’s just not going to happen. Unfortunately the only available day was way too close to christmas. The tournament is set for Saturday Jan 12th. I will post more details shortly. Again I apologize for us not being able to do this before christmas. To avoid this in the future I will be booking next years tournament before this season is over.

October 9th, 2018


Week 4 Stats all done.

All Frosty games on monday oct 15 will be played at the legion this week.

Due to unforeseen circumstances neither Jill or myself will be available to take money on the 15th before 730. Beacuse of this we ARE MOVING the payment date to Monday October 22nd. We will be at the Legion that night, as most of the league plays out of there this also seemed like the easier location.


September 3rd, 2018

I am not sure if you guys like to have this on site. Let me know I put a new page to look at. It is called How A and B players gets there stats.

Week 3 Stats are in. Have a great Thanks giving. See you all back oct 15.

Good day everyone can everyone by end of this week put 3 weeks of sheets at the legion. i am going to pick up all sheets this friday. I would like to review them before the next dart night and make sure all stats are in correctly. tks

All Teams at frosty will be playing at the legion this monday oct 1st.

Week 2 Stats all in. Let me know if I missed anything. Tks

All teams playing at Frosty this Monday Sept 24 are being move to the Legion. Please let the teams know. the teams that are affected by this are Team 3 Ed and Team 4 Mike, Team 15 randy and Team 24 Glen, last Team 23 Heather and Team 20 Pauline. tks

One week in the books thanks everyone sending the sheets. All stats in for week 1, if you see any mistakes please text me.

Good day everyone all Frosty games will be move to the legion monday sept 17.

Randy Brocklehurst 9054426933

Please be sure to send the front and back of your sheets.

September 3rd, 2018

Sorry everyone; I have been away and just returned. Randy is working on posting the schedule right now…

Starts date is Monday Sept 17th

A few changes;

There will be 2 divisions this year, A and B! They are based on last seasons standings (keep in mind we had 4 teams fold).. you will play each team twice. Then come the playoffs you will split in to 4 divisions. More will be posted about the playoffs shortly.

Point changes - you will now get 3 points for anything from 171-180, this change will be reflected on the back of the sheet in the points sections

All score sheets will be handed in via text or email now. I will post Randy’s # in a separate post. The hard copies are to be kept by the captains and handed in at the Legion once every 4-6 weeks.

Fees this year are $70/player and we will not be doing any fundraising

Banquet ticket deposit went up to $20/member, you will still receive this back at the door the night of the banquet.

Fees and last night to add a player will be October 15th. Reminders will be posted about this.

A new rule has been added about scoresheet modifications. Once the score sheets have been exchanged a player may be replaced in the case of injury/illness/emergency providing that both captains (CAPTAINS ONLY) agree. If they cannot agree a member of the executive must be contacted, please remember this is a fun league.

The way the elections are held this year will be different then in the past. More will be posted about this after the season starts.

See you all on the 17th

August 17th, 2018

Captains Meeting
Monday August 27th
Bowmanville Legion

Please make sure you bring the following:
-$100 cash deposit
-Team list with captains phone # and email
-All teams must confirm with their bars that they are taking teams this season (The Legion has been confirmed)

Please only one representative from each team. It makes it hard to count votes and gets out of hand with too many people.

Hope you’re all having a great summer