March 17th, 2019

Good day everyone for the next 2 weeks of playoffs when sending over your sheets to me. You only have to sent the personal points side if you beat one of the following.

High out A division Mens 110 Women 80

High point A division Mens 17 Women 10

High out B division Mens 105 Women 58

High point night B Division Mens 10 Women 7

If you beat any of these than send the back part. If not just send over the final score of match. tks I hope this help you guys.

Now you still send me if anyone gets there first 180 or 171.

Playoffs stats and standings are in.

Happy St Patricks day everyone! Tomorrow night I will be handing out envelopes with banquet tickets and ballots in them.

For the ballots - each team will have an envelope labeled ballots. Inside are ballots for our executive election, there is only an election for the position of president, all the other positions were acclaimed. Each player on the team will get one vote. Once voted please place the envelope in the locked stats box at the legion. These envelopes will be removed only on the final day and the votes will then be counted. All envelopes must be placed in there no later then April 5th. Any envelopes handed in after that will not be counted. We tried to make sure everyone got a ballot but if by chance we missed one please let us know.

Banquet tickets - The member ticket deposit this year was raised to $20 as discussed at the fall captains meeting. Guest tickets are still $45. Banquet ticket money is due no later then April 6th (final day) any team returning money after that day risks not being able to attend the banquet. Banquet date is May 11th. You may return your tickets to any executive member. Please return any tickets you’re not going to use ASAP. I do have more guest tickets available if needed, please let me know and I will get them to you.

Any other questions you may have don’t hesitate to ask.

March 3rd, 2019

Good day everyone for your sheets you send to me over the next 3 weeks. We only need the following on it:

1. Score of the match

2.High point night men and women

3.High out for men and women

4. 171 or 180 for the first time.

Playoffs schedule are in look up the date on site. March 18, March 25, and April 1 are the site names. It reads who you play each week and what bar you are playing at. tks

Week 22 stats are in.

Everyone look under Playoff match up to see how playoff are going to work and who plays who. Playoff Schedule will be done tomorrow.

Standings are in. Teams 5-7-18-and 21 please read below. We had to do tie breakers to figure out your position.

A Division

We had to use 3 tie breakers to break down to figure out Team 5, Team 7,for position in standing. They went has followed. Team 5 and Team 7 both finished 7-4 both weeks against each other. Than off to 2nd tie breaker how many nights did your team win all 22 weeks. Team 5 and Team 7 both won 10 weeks. Now the 3rd tie breaker I added up all your 10 weeks wins. Team 7=67 points and Team 5=65 points.

B Division

Team 18 and Team 21 both were tie after 22 weeks of darts. 1st tie breaker you both won 6-5 against each other. Tie breaker 2 Team 21 won 6 total weeks and Team 5 only won 5 total weeks.

Stats are in.

Playoffs format is on site.

Week 21 standings are in.


Spring Tourney next Saturday, March 9th at the Legion

11AM Sign up

12PM Start

February 25th, 2019

I made some changes on how to look up your stats. I hope you all are find with it. tks

Week 20 stats and standing are in. Now no need to text me anyone if I get all 20 weeks of sheets this week, I than can recheck anyone points. Only than I can do this. Tks Everyone.

Hey all! Its nomination time!

Please print off a nomination sheet and fill it out, you can text a photo of it to me @9058069666 or you can just text me who you would like to nominate in each category. Nominations will be accepted until March 10th as I have to contact everyone and have ballots out for playoff week one. Only one nomination sheet per team.

Please don’t nominate someone as a joke as it takes time to reach out to all those nominated.

It was decided at the captains meeting in the fall that we would try the vote differently this year. In order to reach all members voting will take place during the playoffs. On the 1st night of playoffs every team will receive an envelope with ballots. Each member of the league will get 1 vote. Once your team has voted you will place all votes in an envelope and place them in the locked stats box at the legion. They will be removed by two impartial league members on the final day and counted by those two members. Results will be announced that day


February 7th, 2019

Hey everyone I see people are asking when final day and banquet is.

April 6th Final day

May 11th Banquet.

All stats clean up and updated. Thanks to Sheri for getting the sheets from the legion. Have a great family day weekend everyone.

Week 19 stats and standing are in. Still waiting on two teams for stats. tks

***NDL Spring Tourney***

Saturday March 9th

Bowmanville Legion

11-11:45AM Sign-up

12PM Start



December 26th, 2018

Week 18 stats are in. Missing sheets from teams 18-23-6-14. I know about team 14 but for the rest can you let me know if it in the box or send it over please. tks

Week 18 standings are in. The stats will be delay until I can get to the legion. Some teams forgot to take a photo. They ended up putting sheet in box at legion. tks

Week 17 stats and standing all in. Everyone look at the people that score 171 on site for me. If you can text me let me know if it is there 1st 171 score in the league. Same goes for the 180 scores. tks

Week 16 standing and stats are in.

Hope everyone had a merry christmas!

Tourney details are as follows;

Saturday January 12th

Bowmanville Legion

11 - 11:45 sign up

12pm start

Blind draw doubles, cash prizes.

Open to league members only

December 13th, 2018

Week 13 stats done. Still waiting on team 22 and 10 sheets to be sent. Have a great Christmas everyone. Merry Christmas.

Week 12 stats all done.

There was a miscommunication with the ladies aux about Monday night and we will have to play in the small room, sorry guys I tried to get the other one.

December 11th, 2018

Week 12 stats are in but they will change once I pick up the three teams sheets at legion.

Week 12 standings are in.

Next Monday, December 17th, the ladies aux have graciously offered to move to the small room upstairs. Therefore we will be playing in the normal large room.

November 14th, 2018

Week 11 Stats are in. Great 1st half.

Week 10 stats are in.

Week 10 standing are in. stats tomorrow.

Week 9 stats are in.

A reminder that a new schedule was posted a few weeks ago! Please make sure you have the new schedule and check it carefully, if your game is highlighted in green you have been moved to Boston pizza, yellow you have been moved to the legion. This is due to only 4 boards being put up at frostys.

Also DEC 17TH, all teams playing upstairs must play in the small room. I was just informed the Ladies Aux have the large room booked for a party. We dont have anywhere else to schedule these matches, it will be crowded and I apologize but there is nothing else we can do. I will post this again the week before.

October 29th, 2018

All week 8 stats are in. Still waiting on 1 team B stats will change again once team sends sheet to me.

All teams playing at Frostys tonight will now be playing at the Legion.

October 21st, 2018

Week 5 Stats all in. I pick up all darts sheets yesterday at legion. I will look through them this week and make any changes if need be. tks

A reminder to captains that ALL fees are due tomorrow night. I will be downstairs at the Legion early. Thank you.